Roulette Rules

Imagine a football game with only one rule, to kick the ball in the goal of the opponent and nothing else. It would be chaos like in the times that it was played in the streets of London with sometimes more than a hundred players where it was even unclear what teams were involved. Roulette is a casino game that is not played in a team, but individual, but where you need other players to play the game. That is a big difference and there are not so many rules that count between the players, but only between the player individual and the casino. Roulette rules have everything to do with the various ways a player can place a bet in the game. But still there are some general rules that have to do with behavior and courtesy. These rules only apply in brick and mortar casinos, because in an online situation most of the topics are not going there. Fuzzing with chips on the table for instance (very impolite) or tossing the chips over the table instead of placing the bets.

Arguing with the croupier whether a bet is yes or no accepted or trying to bet when the croupier announced ‘no more bets’ is according to roulette rules very rude. The table is the gaming floor for all players and that makes it inconvenient when players put their bags or wallets on the table or their drinks otherwise than on the edge where they stand. In modern times you will see warnings that the use of cameras and mobile phones during the games are prohibited. Only in between the games one can use these items to make pictures of them for their personal album. But, as said before, all this is not going for online roulette, because there the players are all in their own space and nobody cares what they place on their desks and whether their room is nice and clean or a complete mess.

Roulette rules about the various forms of betting however are for the land-based games and for the online casino’s the same. We will shortly name the possibilities for bets on the table firstly. In the picture below you see the lay-out of the roulette table. The numbers you can chose for your bets are 1 till 36 and you see easily the possibilities that roulette rules are offering. On the left side of the table you see the one on one bets, like red or black, odd or even or a split between the numbers 1-18 and 19-36. These are the 1:1 bets and they give 50% chance that you will win. Actually the chances are not exactly 50% because there is always the chance that the ball hits the zero pocket in the wheel, but that comes later. On two sides you see serials of twelve numbers, on the left the three blocks 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 and on the short side the three available rows. These are the 2:1 bets, roughly giving you 1/3 chance to win but of course with a somewhat higher reward when your chips are representing the winning range.

European Roulette

The wheel shows all numbers in the game, from 1 till 36 in a non consecutive sequence to prevent that players can speculate on a probable outcome when the ball is thrown in the wheel and bets are still accepted. Here you see an example of the wheel in European Roulette with only one green zero pocket, so the roulette rules tell us. Only in American Roulette there are two green zero pockets as we explained elsewhere on this site.

Roulette Wheel

The wheel is the exclusive domain of the croupier, no players are allowed to spin the wheel or to throw the ball. When the ball is in the wheel the croupier will decide when it is time to stop all betting by saying ‘no more bets’ or in a more stylish environment ‘rien ne va plus’. You can use the 36 numbers on the table in various ways and they all have names in roulette rules. We explain them shortly and give some pictures to light it up. Straight up is the bet where you put chips on just one number. The pay-out is 35 times your bet.

Roulette Split Bet

Split Bet is the one where you put your chips between two numbers whereby these numbers are your bet. It pays out 18 times your bet. You are allowed to place more chips on other combinations or straight up as well, there is no limit to that.

Roulette Street Bet

Street Bet is the bet where you use one row of three numbers by placing the chip(s) at the leftmost of that row. The pay-out is 12x your bet.

Roulette Corner Bet

Corner Bet is formed by a quarter of four numbers where you place your chip in the middle of that quarter in an attempt to win a 9x pay-out.

Roulette Six Line Bet

Sixline Bet contains two rows of three numbers following up each other. You place your chips at the leftmost of the table in the middle of the two rows. It gives a six times pay-out.
Roulette rules have no more possibilities to give as far as the table is concerned. But sometimes there is an oval lay-out extra in the game and especially online this one is very popular. It is called the ‘neighbor’ game and it is based on the sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel, so the roulette rules tell us:

Roulette Cyclinder

Before telling you what combinations are possible in the neighbor game we have to tell you that there are different pictures of the lay-out. There is no unity in the roulette rules on this one. That’s not a problem when you know the combinations and when you play online you will always see the ‘translation’ of your choice to the main table and thus have a clear view on your bets. The neighbor bets can always go together with the ‘normal’ bets on the table. You can chose a range of five consecutive numbers on the ‘racetrack’ and they will be counted as straight bets on those numbers. Other combinations are:

The neighbors of zero (French: Voisins du Zero) with seventeen numbers with and between the numbers 22 and 25. Two chips are place on 0,2,3 trio and 7 chips as split bets on the neighboring numbers, of which two on 25/26/28/29. In the Zero game the numbers 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15 are part of this bet. The numbers are as follows: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15.It takes four chips, one on a 0/3 split, one on 26 and two on the splits 12-15 and 32-35.

The thirds of the wheel (French: Le tiers du cylinder), also called the small series is the series with and between the numbers 27 and 33. It covers twelve numbers, which explains the name. It consists of 6 split bets.

The ‘orphans’ (French: Orphelins) are spread over two sides and have the numbers 17, 34, 6 on one side and 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9 on the other site. The number one gets one chip, the other four chips are spread over the split bets 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34.

These are the most important roulette rules and by knowing them the game has no surprises left for you except the outcome of the spins any time again.