RNG Roulette

When we speak about RNG Roulette you must not read it as a specific game, because it is not. We call it RNG roulette to underline the importance of the abbreviation RNG, which stands for random number generator. It is in fact the cooperative protection for both the player and the online casino and we will be happy to explain the meaning of it and why RNG roulette is in fact hidden in all variations that you can find in online roulette, be it European, American, French or Mini roulette.

Roulette is a game of chance, no misunderstanding about that, but in former times it was technically not possible to have the wheel exactly random. There were also some deviations in it and clever guys with a very good memory could make a lot of money when they were able to find out the exact deviation of a wheel, calculating then the chance that certain numbers would occur more than others. There are endless stories about it, but only a few can be regarded as true. Some stories are really funny (although they were not for the involved casinos) and here they are. In the 1980s a team of USA gamblers were travelling along European casinos with a method to calculate the biased wheel section, based on the deviation they saw. From that time on the manufacturers were ordered to produce a 100% random wheel. The pockets in the new wheel were less deep than in the old one and the outcome was less predictable. It also countered the punters that were using computers to predict where the ball would land as soon as the little ball was thrown.

It is usage in roulette that the last bets can still be placed at that time. One of the casinos that was apparently using an inferior wheel was punished hard for it. A Spanish player analyzed the outcomes of a wheel at the Casino in Madrid (Spain) and won a million euros using his calculations for the pockets where the ball would most likely end more than in others. He was arrested but the judge let him of the hook, ordering the casino to fix the wheel instead of blaming the players for having a profit. Again this was a sign for other casinos to check their wheels to avoid that players could harm them. The last nice story has nothing to do with an inferior wheel but all with human inventiveness, when we see a group of two Serbs and one Hungarian in London using a laser scanner that was hidden in a mobile phone and linked to a computer outside the casino. The computer should predict where the ball was probably to land but the men were caught in the action and arrested.

Again the judge ordered to let them go because they had not actually interfered with the equipment of the casino, nor was any bribery of croupiers involved. It is very difficult for players at our times to cheat one way or another because all casinos are equipped with cameras that can monitor every table to a square inch precisely and the employees in the control room are very experienced. All casinos are ruling out that when they have only a minor suspicion of cheating they can stop the player and have him or her removed from the casino floor.

One must not confuse the above tricky attempts to be smarter than the casino equipment with known systems to play roulette, not RNG roulette that is. The outcome of the game in a brick and mortar casino is determined by the little ball in the wheel. It is to avoid speculations to the max that the ball is thrown in the opposite direction of the spinning of the wheel. This gives the famous hopping effect of the ball when it is landing in the wheel, joining it in a funny dance till it decides to land in one of the 37 pockets (or 38 in American Roulette). The most used system in roulette is known as the Martingale system and is based on betting only in two ways: red or black, or odd or even. When you lose a bet you double it the next time on the same color or group of numbers, because you can easily imagine that one of the next times the outcome will be as you like. The only way you can lose a lot of money with this system is that you have all your money at stake and then lose it. End of the game that is and of course rather painful.

It is recommended to players to keep enough money in the pocket to play this system a couple of times at a row. RNG Roulette is not a system nor a variation in the game, and is not used in land-based casinos, but is of great importance online. Like the little ball in the wheel is capricious and therefore unpredictable, the online casino must use another tool as here are no dealers available to throw the ball, only virtual pictured. The only exception is when you play live casino, but that’s discussed elsewhere on this site. The mathematics have solved the problem for the online casino’s by introducing the random number generator and realizing RNG roulette as we call it. The random number generator is a piece of software that makes the outcome of a spin completely unpredictable. In a long serial of numbers you might suggest that the zero pocket will be visited once in 37 spins on average but in the time that a normal player is present online to play RNG roulette it can happen that the zero number will not fall at all or otherwise several times more than the average outcome on the long term. Although there are very complicated systems that pretend to help you predict the most likely next outcomes we can only advise you not to get involved, because those systems are very unreliable and will cause you a big headache instead of more profit. The random number generator is a perfect system and protects both the player and the online casino provider giving them both the warranty that there is no way you can beat the system. It makes RNG roulette as a very sustainable game of chance that gives a lot of fun to many players all over the world.