Play Online Roulette

If you Google on the word roulette you will meet an endless list that is going about the game, but also a lot of ‘normal’ articles that have nothing g to do with the game, but where the word is used to plea that a certain organization (your government for example) is playing roulette with our tax money and does not prepare very well for the future or even the present. Many times you will read about Russian Roulette when it refers to all kind of speculations, whether or not with money involved. To play online roulette you don’t have to Google first because we explain everything you need to know on this site. To make it easy we have laid contact with a number of well-known providers and have chosen three of them as the best and most reliable that you can imagine. And the good news is that they all offer the possibility to play online roulette, with real money of course but you can also play free online roulette as often as you like. In this article we explain what you have to do to play online roulette, what the risks are and how you can keep the fun in the game and avoid the pain of losing money. We can tell you nice stories about the game and its history but at the end it is what it is: a game of chance and every game of chance means that you can gamble money away and nobody likes to lose money.

To play online roulette you have to choose one of the many online casinos there are. We have selected Spin Palace Casino, 888 Casino and Party Casino as the best providers you can imagine. We advise to choose one of them (you can of course choose more online casinos if you like) and to register. Registering is in fact making yourself known to the provider and does not mean that you are depositing money into your account. The advantage of registering is that the online casino of your choice will inform you about promotions, new games (you will probably not play online roulette all the time), tournaments and all kind of incentives that are regularly offered such as free spins for certain video slots or tickets for a concert or rugby match. None of these online casinos have a special New Zealand site and that is because the main site is in English and that’s your number one language as well. In the list of payment providers the online casinos will indicate when a certain payment method is available that is typical for one or only a few countries. But normally they always offer the most used bank transfer methods, the most wanted credit cards, a number of debit cards, belonging to electronic wallets and some voucher systems, also nice to give away as a present. You will find all information of the different payment providers and their methods in the payment or banking corner of your online casino.

To play online roulette you don’t have to deposit money because you will always have the possibility to play free online roulette. That is a very good way to learn the game, the rules and to estimate the risks before you are putting your money at stake. If you are ready to play for real money, you have to make an account definitely. Sometimes you will have an account when you register, but the registering procedure can also be limited to a few personal details, such as your name and e-mail address, just to be able to inform you about games and promotions. All online casinos will like to welcome you as a new player and that’s why they give away a welcome bonus, which you can use to play online roulette a bit longer or try out other games. The amount of that bonus is advertised on their sites, but is not always realistic. In many cases a bonus is announced that contains of one single first bonus with a certain maximum that goes as extra play money upon your deposit. The rest of the so called welcome bonus is spread over next deposits. We would like the online casinos to use a general form of welcome bonus and that is the sum of money they put extra on your first deposit and that makes it also easier to compare the offers with each other. Let not depend your choice for the best online casino to play online roulette of the best welcome bonus. The choice for a provider is also a matter of the games they offer, the way their website is structured, the other promotions they offer, like VIP arrangements, and -very important- the way they organize their customer service. Making an account takes some time and you have to present copies of documents, proving that you are who you say you are and that the bank account is really yours, in case the provider has to send money to you, because you want part of your deposit back or when you belong to the lucky players that won some nice money. It all can happen, but you better be prepared.

Depositing money for the first time means that you will have a welcome bonus to play online roulette or another nice game. This extra money is play money and cannot be claimed to pay out, unless it is used a given number of times as a bet in whatever games that you are playing.

The chance that you will finally lose this money is not unlikely but why care about that since that part of the money is free of charge anyway. Your online casino may offer different possibilities to play online roulette and we advise to try them out for free as much as you can, just to develop your preference for the game that you like the most, to learn how to play and to bet, and to estimate the risks that are in the game. And when you stick to our main rule that you should never overdo your set budget you can experience a lot of fun when you play online roulette.