Online Roulette Software

Once upon a time people were moving by horsepower or similar animal force. It was already of great help when a coach was at hand with decent wheels so that more people could have a profit from the power of tamed animals. Later we invented motorized vehicles that used petrol for their energy and this is still the way we go from place to place. Every vehicle was a combination of mechanical and electrical tools, but since the invention of the computer and the software that let him do his job there is a third asset involved. Software is something that we can’t miss anymore. Not only our computers are based on software, but also a number of energy sources, machines, our cellphones and medical apparatus, the weather forecast, our television and audio, it is all helpless without their software. Our online casinos are also depending on their software. Every game has its own software that works on a shared platform, that can be located anywhere. Online roulette software is meant to bring the game on your own computer or handheld and is so amazing precise that human aid never can compete with it. But that goes for online roulette software only, for in our brick and mortar casinos we can play the game with one table, a wheel, some chips and a little ball. Of course we need some manpower to see onto fair play, to collect the chips and divide the winnings and software will be found everywhere in the casino, but not attached to the table or the wheel. But that would not work online and that’s why online roulette software is needed to bring you the game.

The throwing of the little ball into the wheel (in the opposite direction that is) gives a 100% level of coincidence, there is no way that the croupier can have any influence on the outcome. Online roulette software makes use of a random number generator (RNG), which takes care of a 100% coincidental outcome of the spin. Since online casinos mostly use a virtual wheel with one single zero pocket the income of the casino is guaranteed. The players know that theoretical spoken 2,70% of the bets is for the casino and the rest of the money is returned to the players as gaming profits, unless players spend their last money at the roulette table, for by losing that all is going to the casino. Online roulette software is thus protecting and serving the online casino, but also the players by guaranteeing a uncertain outcome that at the end brings most of the money back to the players.

Online roulette software made an end to the never ending stories of wiz-kids who were able to win lots of money because they were able to found out the deviations of roulette wheels, so that they could calculate which numbers were coming up more than others. The modern industry is able to produce roulette wheels which are 100% random, but that was not always the case. Is the software perfect? We don’t know in fact, but since a number of specialists are busy with developing and improving software all the time we must rely on that. This article is written on a Windows 7 laptop but it was hardly out of the box or Windows 8 was announced. Online roulette software is existing for over ten years now but the systems of the 1990s are no longer used by the big online casinos. New platforms, new extra’s, new and far better graphics and the rise of games like live roulette were constantly asking for new and better software. But the implementation of a random number generator, fully described in our article in the RNG Roulette chapter, is a matter of mathematics and that principle is not changed in the past years. So what we see is an improvement in functionality and not in security for random is random. Once it is calculated and implemented it is lasting forever. But online roulette software is still evolving due to the fact that the internet is made faster year after year and that allowed the software providers to build better graphics and more features. But the game itself is still the same with a lay-out of 36 numbers, one zero pocket (in European Roulette) and in many cases an extra game like neighbor (see Roulette Rules).

The believe that one can have influence on the outcome of the game is almost inconsumable. Of course when you put your bets always on red you can lose a number of times, when the outcome is even so often black, but it is indeed a matter of time that red will be the outcome. So, if you double your bets after every time that black (or zero) is the outcome, you will at the end win on red and play even. There are a lot of calculations going to tell you what chances you can have in roulette but they all have one defect in common and that is that they suggest that your time to play is unlimited and it never is of course, not in brick and mortar casinos and not online. Online roulette software has nothing to do with strategy and is not rewarding guts in gaming. It is what it is, a random operating system to bring up the numbers and the color that will mark the winnings and the losses of that particular game. We will tell a bit more about strategies on the RNG Roulette page.

We advise only one strategy: stick to your limits, never exceed your budget and never try to win back what you lost with only the exception in choosing consequently red or black, odd or even. There are many other options to place your bets and most of them are described on this site as well in a separate section, but keeping the fun in the game is essential, no matter how you play!