Online Roulette History

It is always nice when you can describe a history with a clear point where it all started. Documenting the way our universe is structured you will start with the big bang theory that tells us that some 13 billion years ago this big bang was at the cradle of our universe as it is now, although there is much that we still don’t know and maybe never will know for sure. The online roulette history is easy to describe, because the internet is relatively young and very well documented. Once introducing online casino it made sense of course that games were offered that were already familiar to many people from the brick and mortar casinos in their hometowns or wider region. Roulette has always been very popular and that makes it logic that there is an online roulette history anyway. It is offered with some other table games like baccarat, blackjack, craps and poker. Three of these games are also offered in a live version, not from the beginning of the online roulette history but introduced later in the 2000s. Nowadays (this article is written in 2013) we see a jump in internet gaming by the rapid distribution of mobile devices that are equipped to produce complicated games and are also providing you services to bet on your favorite club and to play casino games and slots as much as you like. Online roulette history is marked by a beginning but not by an ending. The game evolves not in a way that the rules are changing, but in the way it is pictured.

But without the roulette as you will see it in the brick and mortar casinos there would not be an online roulette history anyway, so let’s see how the game started. The answer is short: we have no idea. It is widely suggested that Chinese monks invented the game because they were bored in their monasteries but there is no prove or serious documentation to support that theory. If it was an Asian game it could be brought to Europe by Marco Polo, who is after all responsible for a number of imports of new products, that were not known in Europe by that time. In Italian garden houses the game was played with a lot of other table games and from there the French nobility took over and in France a number of games got more structure and structure always starts with certain rules that are generally practiced. Online roulette history starts in France and it is beyond any doubt that the French played a major role in the history of the game. Not Blaise Pascal who was said to be responsible for the invention of the roulette wheel in its present form, but that is nonsense. A major development was the idea of the French brothers Louis and François Blanc to minimize the so called zero pockets in the game. For a long time there were two zero pockets next to the 36 regular numbers and when the little ball stopped in a zero pocket all bets were for the bank. Online roulette history learns us that roulette was splitting up here in two systems, the American Roulette with still two zero pockets on the wheel and European Roulette with one zero pocket, based on the idea of the Blanc brothers. We now regard that as a major event in online roulette history but in the time that it happened it will not have been a topic in the newspapers. There were only a few casinos in those days and that hold till the 1970s when there was a sudden revival in casino industry in Europe and a lot of casinos were built in many countries. In a rather small country like Holland for instance there were no casinos whatsoever but since the 1970s fourteen casinos were built and a much bigger number of gaming halls, where only slot machines are allowed.

The online roulette history was thus affected by the idea of the Blanc brothers because the European Roulette is the most common system for online roulette. But online there are two directions as well. There is the European Roulette, sometimes confused with French Roulette, but who cares, and there is Mini Roulette with only twelve regular numbers and one zero pocket. The normal roulette versions online have an extra game that is called neighbor. It is just meant to give some more opportunities to bet, because the lay out of this game is based on the sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel. In the chapter Roulette Rules you can read more about this game within the game. Mini roulette however does not have the neighbor game as extra option. The one zero pocket versus twelve regular numbers represent more chance for the bank, but in many cases the bank will not collect the full amount of the placed bets. Online roulette history ends here but we will not be surprised if other forms will come up to surprise us with new possibilities. In 2013 and the years thereafter we will see a growing participation in online gaming from the so called social media. There are a number of free games providers like Zynga and Facebook, but the line between free games and games for money is very thin and is already crossed in some cases. We have to wait and see how gaming authorities will react to this new phenomena’s but so far the whole gaming sections of the social media are not subject to the laws and rules counting for the online casino providers. On short notice we might have to review this article bringing the social media under the regime of the national gaming authorities as far as gaming is concerned. A whole new chapter to the online roulette history will be adjusted then. Anyway, when you have read till these lines you will be prepared for it.