Live Roulette

Live is a matter of making choices. This or that new brand television, where do we go on vacation this year and on a certain occasion you might be thinking of leaving your home to visit a casino in your neighborhood or to stay home and play online. When you prefer to play table games there is a solution available so that you can do both. Experience live roulette from your home. It is one of the nicest developments in online casino and we are happy to tell you all about it.

The fact that you can’t be in two places at the same time is something that we have to accept. With the introduction of the internet however we can be where we want to be as long as cameras are in place. Through special programs like Skype and Messenger we communicate with people all over the world with a simple webcam in our laptop or near the computer. Speaking to each other with our interlocutor on the screen of our smartphone is quite normal and we can send actual pictures within seconds to all our family and friends. This is more or less the same idea that backs the possibility to play live roulette. In a studio that can be situated anywhere in the world a room will be furnished with some casino game tables, some people who act as croupiers, dealers and what else is needed and a number of high quality web cameras so that you can see what happens and be part of the game that is played there. But it is visually a one way operation. You can see the dealers, but they can’t see you and you can’t see other players either. That is quite a difference with live roulette in a real casino, where you have cameras as well, but only for security reasons and where you can see each other in the face. But the game itself is real, played on a real table with a real roulette wheel, equipped by real dealers, speaking real English (and some other languages as well).

Live roulette is mostly not available as free online roulette. That might be a disappointment for some of you but it is hard to realize a game where at the same tables players for free and players for real money can be housed. You have to register and to make an account and deposit money in that account before you can play live roulette. If you don’t have such an account yet this is the perfect opportunity to open one. You only have to do it one time so that the online casino know that you are a real person, an adult (minors are not allowed to play for money in online casinos) and that your bank account really belongs to you in case the online casino has to transfer money to you after you have won a nice sum with live roulette or want to retire your deposits. The online casinos that we are promoting on this site have a very strong reputation in security and trustworthy, but will also use the best software to support procedures of administrative kind, guaranteeing that your personal details are safe and that transfers are protected in the best possible way. Having paved the way for playing live roulette you can log in to the live casino of your provider and make a choice for a table. The live dealers will welcome you and start the game as soon as enough players are gathered. The dealers can speak to you but there is also the possibility to chat with each other. If you lose money in the game don’t be rough at the dealers because they are only doing their job. To protect them from misbehavior a player can be disconnected if he is not behaving in a civilized way, just as will happen in a real land-based casino where a few well-dressed, very gentle but persisting guys will ask you to join them to the way-out.

Live roulette is not unique when it comes to live casino games. In most cases baccarat and blackjack are also available as live table games and many online casinos offer different variations of the table games in their live casino. The European Roulette variety is normally played when roulette is offered. Live roulette is sometimes coming from a real land-based casino and we expect that this will happen more and more since big casino companies are orienting on online casino as well. Their special interest goes out to poker but why not offering the whole pack. And they have the casino facilities of course and what would it be nice when you play live roulette with dealers from Caesars palace in Las Vegas to give an idea. In gambling there are a lot of developments that involves land-based gambling and online gambling both. Nobody can predict exactly what will happen in the coming years but that the landscape will be changing all the time is beyond any doubt.

Apart from this we see a rapid growing proposition for providers offering online casino in all its varieties on mobile devices. They don’t have to adjust the games, they have to adjust the software to make this possible. Only a few years ago you would have been placed in a straitjacket when you would state that live casino would be played from a smartphone on a terrace alongside the boulevard in Cannes (France) but nowadays it is not fiction anymore but reality. Other novelties will find a way to live roulette to improve the ‘live’ contents of the game, so that you can see yourself and other contestants on the screen. The next best thing would be a Star Trek imitation of the famous words: ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ or something like that. But as long as that is not possible we are happy enough with the ‘normal’ live casino as we can experience it now!