Let’s say it in the open: we would like you to use this contact form as little as possible. Our experience is that most of the questions are related to the relation between the online casino and their customers. It goes about bonuses, payment transactions, pay-outs and so on and we are not involved in that. You can imagine what will happen in our office when everybody is contacting us about -for example- bonuses that are not awarded by us and where we have no jurisdiction whatsoever. So, here is request number one: if you have any questions about bonuses of one of the promoted online casino’s, please refer directly to the online casino in question. They can give you all the information you need and we can only read up what’s already on their site. Of course we are always informed about new actions and promotions and we know a lot about them but we will not stand between you and your online casino. Why a contact form then? That’s in case you have useful remarks about our website or in case you have found some mistakes, which is always possible because this site is edited by people and not by robots.