Online Roulette

One of the authors of this site remembered that in his youth his family played a game with a kind of tablecloth and a small wheel with a little ball and that play was called roulette. He was too young then to join the game, but the family was busy for a couple of hours. Whether or not they played for real money is out of his system, he had no idea. This is what roulette in brick and mortar casinos and online roulette is all about. There is a table with the lay-out of the game and there is a wheel with a little ball. Further one needs chips to play with, while plain cash on the table is a bit confusing and maybe also a bit dangerous for it could attract less neat elements to the casino. We will describe online roulette in this article and in other articles on this site we will explain about the software, how you can play free online roulette, the history of the game and the rules.

Since the 1990s the world acquainted with online casino and today there are hundreds of providers and thousands of websites where you can play all the games that are available in brick and mortar casinos and more. The big difference is that in a real casino one always have to make arrangements for a game that is going to be offered, such as special tables, equipment and so on. Online it is only a matter of adjusting some extra software and a new game is there. That’s the main reason that in a land-based casino you will see that all tables are the same and that online roulette can be offered in very different forms. It is part of the so called table games and -measured in numbers of players- far out the most popular. Other famous table games are blackjack, baccarat, craps (a game with dices) and of course poker. Next to the table games you will always see slot machines in a casino and online there are also hundreds of slot machines available. Online roulette is offered in two disciplines by most of the big online casinos: a normal version and a live version with real equipment and real dealers that are acting from a studio or sometimes even live from a brick and mortar casino somewhere in the world. We will give you all the information about Live Roulette elsewhere on this site. Online roulette is very easy to play and can always been practiced for free just to learn about the game and the rules that are involved. On the websites of the better providers (and we only promote the worldwide best in their field) you will always see that the rules are thoroughgoing described and we also give you a good view on the game in our chapter Roulette Rules.

There are three main types of online roulette, that we also described on this site, and that we name here shortly:

European Roulette

This one, European Roulette is the most common variant to play online roulette with 36 regular numbers in the game, clearly divided over red and black pockets and one extra number, a zero, pictured in a green pocket.

American Roulette

As the name does suspect, we have here the variant that is quite common in the United States, but also in Canada, South America and the Caribbean. There is not much difference with European roulette but in the American way we see two green pockets with a zero number. As this number makes all the placed bets go to the casino it means that the profits for casinos with this variant is bigger than the European online roulette idea. Originally the game was also in Europe played with two zero pockets on the wheel, but for reasons of better competition in the 1860s a French couple introduced the one zero pocket in their casino and later on this became the most played variant.

French Roulette

Apart from the fact that everything is explained in French by the croupiers there is a different lay-out of the game. Table and wheel are placed in line with each other and the players are situated at the left and at the right of the table. French roulette is played in the world famous Casino of Monte Carlo and in some other casinos in France.
All these variants can be met when you start to play online roulette, but the European variant is the most popular. There is an extra lay-out adjusted called the neighbor game, but sometimes you will be able to play mini roulette, which is without this extra game. In fact mini roulette is the online roulette game, the most close to the original casino table game. To play live online roulette you have to make an account and to play for real money, for this variant is normally not offered as a free game. Since a couple of years there are also online roulette tournaments organized by some providers and the popularity of this is growing fast. As the rules of such a tournament are different from one provider to another, we will not describe this in detail, but your provider will certainly inform you when it is offered and how you can participate in this special online roulette event.

We have a few good tips when you think that you are ready to play online roulette. Tip number one is always to read carefully which rules apply in your online casino. Tip number two is to start carefully and not with the most risky bets. Tip number three is that you never exceeds your set budget for online roulette or other games. The fun is definitely over when you have to worry about your gaming habits and that’s such a pity because online roulette is a really nice game. So stick to your budget and then enjoy the game to the full!